We build community. It's where our kids grow up.

Thrive’s mission is to inspire the development and education of the next greatest generation.  

We consult with communities, offer presentations to youth and parent groups, and train professionals and community leaders.  

We have an extensive understanding of substance abuse prevention.  Our founder, Matthew Kuehlhorn, is a level II certified prevention specialist based in Colorado.  He understands that drug prevention is really about building up people and engaging communities.


Programs for Community

Communities will enjoy subsidized costs for consultation and education.

Thrive can help communities build up multiple protective factors for their youth.

  • We work with existing community-based drug prevention coalitions and we can help develop a new coalition if one does not already exist.
  • We consult with schools and educators to provide the best, evidence-based programming for building youth life skills.
  • We provide honest education to student and parent groups who want to learn more about specific drugs and ‘prevention’ strategies.
  • We assess and evaluate communities to determine the best use of resources and the development of strategies that work.

Beginning in 2015, Thrive will pilot and introduce two flagship programs.

Superhero Academy is designed for 11-14 year old students.

Fire Ceremony Camps are designed for 15-18 year old students.

Both programs will teach media, emotional, and financial literacy and they are intended to build up individual protective factors and knowledge of life so that each student can be better prepared to make choices that benefit them and their long-term goals.

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Thrive's Blog

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We want kids to take risks. If kids do not engage in risky behaviors, they would never leave our homes. Think about it.  Moving away from home is a risky behavior.  If our kids do not learn how to take risks they will never venture on their own and nothing new in the... read more

A New Model for Drug Prevention – that works!

I once heard that in all the history of humans, every tool that has ever been created is still in operation somewhere. That’s amazing to think about. I don’t have a source and I don’t know if it is true. I do like to think it is though. We continue to adapt and... read more

What every parent should know about marijuana.

From one parent to another is a few thoughts on ‘what every parent should know about marijuana.’ First, marijuana is a plant that grows easily and in most all places of the world.  The plants contain THC, CBD and multiple other cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids also occur... read more

Marijuana in 2024; non-fiction?

As I wake up today, on September 24, 2024, I take a short pause to reflect on the last ten years of drug prevention and marijuana legalization.  What a wild and strange trip it’s been. 2014 was when Colorado and Washington voters brought recreational legalization to... read more

A Marijuana Debate in the Rockies

Matthew participated in a video and article posted by the New York Times.  The full link is here. The New York Times launched an editorial series that explored marijuana and it’s history within the United States.  The New York Times editorial board boldly... read more

Marijuana Legalization Benefits Drug Prevention

The New York Times Editorial Board stirred up the conversation when they called on the Federal Government to legalize marijuana in their editorial series which began on July 26th.  Being a certified prevention specialist, working to reduce substance abuse among teens... read more

We value:



Be true and speak with heart.



Show people who you are.


Believe in yourself.


Allow people to be who they are.

Matthew S. Kuehlhorn, CPSII

Matthew S. Kuehlhorn, CPSII

Community Builder & Founder

I look forward to connecting with you.  Together, we can build community to support the ‘next greatest generation’ to thrive in the world.

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