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Thrive Interview with Radical Russ

Thrive speaks with Russ Belville (aka, Radical Russ) of 420radio.org

New York Times Quote

Matthew was quoted in the New York Times blog after Gunnison voted in marijuana.

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The Marijuana Divide

Matthew was interviewed prior to Gunnison midterm vote around marijuana issues.  He is featured in the NY Times video.

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Thrive’s mission is to build stronger and more engaged communities using education and science based facts to support youth development.  

We are changing the way the world approaches ‘drug prevention.’ We believe there are no drug problems. There are life problems.

We work closely with the Cannabis Industry & the Alcohol Industry in developing a high standard of social responsibility and customer education.

We work closely with communities in reducing risk factors and building protective factors in support of positive youth development — we all have a stake in developing the ‘next greatest generation’ so they can thrive.

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Community Benefits

We help Communities and Youth thrive with;

Access to our Regional Community Builders (RCBs) who are trained in;

  • community leadership,
  • public policy,
  • substance abuse prevention strategies,
  • and education.

RCBs can facilitate the creation of community-based coalition groups and offer prevention organizations consultation on a wide variety of community building strategies, grant writing, and evidence-based programs.

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I just read your article in the paper, and I loved the way you framed the issue and discussed your future endeavors, very nicely done.  I am writing to extend my gratitude for what you have done for GCSAPP and our community, as well as what you are going to continue to do for this and other communities.  I wanted to extend a formal “thank you”, you and your work are greatly appreciated!

Jessica Vogan

Western's Prevention Educator, Western State Colorado University

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
I look forward to seeing great things from you!

Paula Swensen

County Commishioner, Gunnison County

Thrive's Blog

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Monitoring the Future Study Shines Light on Health

The nation’s Monitoring the Future Study is in for 2014.  The results point to health. And, yet it is something to note when other people do not see the impacts this study presents.  Here is a case in point. An article published on Dr. Thrustone’s blog... read more

West Elk Word Interview

Thrive founder Matthew speaks with Chad of West Elk Word. The conversation explores ‘risky behaviors,’ substance use and abuse, community building, and marijuana... read more

What is happening in Colorado with Legal Pot?

The Journal of the American Medical Association released “The Implications of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado” – an overview report on the expected and not-expected outcomes of pot legalization. Written as a ‘Viewpoint,’ three... read more

Colorado’s Teen Drug Use – going up, down or?

Introducing the Colorado Youth Health Index. In 2012 I first began using what I call the Youth Health Index.  I developed this index as a measure to begin discussing youth use rates in Gunnison County – my employer at the time. In order to derive the Youth... read more

Why I believe we can Thrive.

The conversation goes something like this… “drugs are bad.” That’s pretty much it, isn’t it?  What exactly does that mean? In a society that relies on aspirin to help prevent heart attacks, penicillin and other antibiotics to treat bacterial infections,... read more

Colorado Youth Marijuana Rates Down.

I have seen this in Gunnison County and now can post about it for Colorado. This does come with a caveat — while the most recent data is post Amendment 64 it was still collected prior to January 2014 and adult-use sales. Might we see something change in the... read more

We value:



Be true and speak with heart.



Show people who you are.


Believe in your gifts.


Allow others to express their gifts.
Matthew S. Kuehlhorn, CPSII

Matthew S. Kuehlhorn, CPSII

Community Builder & Founder

I am a certified drug prevention specialist who firmly believes in legalizing marijuana.  Why?  I don’t believe there are drug problems – there are only life problems.

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