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Why ‘Just Say No,’ Alone, Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

Why ‘Just Say No,’ Alone, Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

Let’s face it, there are drugs in our world.  I am a child who who grew up in the D.A.R.E. program and the phrase “just say no” was literally handed to us to frame all conversations revolving around drugs (so we could essentially lie to our parents) - I’m here to...

Dispensary Density – what matters most?

A prevailing assumption is - the more marijuana shops, the more normal use will be and the more kids will use. Is that true? Based on available research specific to alcohol outlets - the closest thing to represent new marijuana dispensaries - there seems to be a... read more

I just read your article in the paper, and I loved the way you framed the issue and discussed your future endeavors, very nicely done.  I am writing to extend my gratitude for what you have done for GCSAPP and our community, as well as what you are going to continue to do for this and other communities.  I wanted to extend a formal “thank you”, you and your work are greatly appreciated!

Jessica Vogan

Western's Prevention Educator, Western State Colorado University

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